Historical Proceedings

Early proceedings dating back to the beginning of this conference have been digitized and are available here. Our thanks to Robert Bakish for donating the hard copies of these books. Thanks also to Mark Schattenburg for collecting and preserving these volumes, and to Theodore Fedynyshyn for tracking down copyright permissions.

Volumes not linked here are copyrighted by AVS or IEEE and are available elsewhere.

# Year Date Location Conference Chair Program Chair Symposium Name Archived Proceedings
1 1959 March 20 Boston, MA James S. Hetherington James S. Hetherington First SEBM PDF of Proceedings
2 1960 March 24-25 Boston, MA Robert A. Bakish Robert A. Bakish Second SEBP PDF of Proceedings
3 1961 March 23-24 Boston, MA Robert A. Bakish Robert A. Bakish Third SEBP PDF of Proceedings
4 1962 March 29-30 Boston, MA Robert A. Bakish Robert A. Bakish Fourth SEBT PDF of Proceedings
5 1963 March 28-29 Boston, MA John R. Morley John R. Morley Fifth Annual MEBS PDF of Proceedings
6 1964 April 27-28 Boston, MA John R. Morley John R. Morley Sixth Annual MEBS PDF of Proceedings
7 1964 May 3-7 Toronto, Canada Robert A. Bakish Robert A. Bakish First ICEIBST PDF of Proceedings
8 1965 Mar 31-April 2 University Park, PA Auguste B. El-Kareh Auguste B. El-Kareh ELBS PDF of Proceedings
9 1966 April 6-8 Ann Arbor, MI Joseph E. Rowe,Auguste B. El-Kareh George I. Haddad Eighth Annual ELBS PDF of Proceedings
10 1966 April 17-20 New York, NY Robert A. Bakish Robert A. Bakish 2nd ICEIBST PDF of Proceedings, Vol. 1
PDF of Proceedings, Vol. 2
11 1967 May 9-11 Berkeley, CA Charles Susskind R. Fabian W. Pease IEEE 9th Annual SEILBT PDF of Proceedings
12 1968 May 6-9 Boston, MA Robert A. Bakish Robert A. Bakish 3rd ICEIBST PDF of Proceedings
13 1969 May 21-23 Gaithersburg, MD Louis L. Marton Louis L. Marton 10th SEILBT PDF of Proceedings
14 1970 May 10-15 Los Angeles, CA Robert A. Bakish Robert A. Bakish 4th ICEIBST PDF of Proceedings
15 1971 May 12-14 Boulder, CO Frank S. Barnes Richard F.M. Thornley 11th SEILBT PDF of Proceedings
16 1972 May 7-12 Houston, TX Robert A. Bakish Robert A. Bakish 5th ICEIBST PDF of Proceedings
17 1973 May 21-23 Cambridge, MA Alec N. Broers Edward D. Wolf 12th SEILBT
18 1974 May 12-17 San Francisco,CA Robert A. Bakish Robert A. Bakish 6th ICEIBST PDF of Proceedings
19 1975 May 21-23 Colorado Spr.,CO George R. Brewer R. Fabian W. Pease 13th SEIPBT
20 1976 May 4-7 Washington, DC Robert A. Bakish Robert A. Bakish 7th ICEIBST PDF of Proceedings
21 1977 May 25-27 Palo Alto, CA Thomas E.Everhart Gilbert L. Varnell 14th SEIPBT
22 1978 May 22-26 Seattle, WA Robert A. Bakish Robert A. Bakish 8th ICEIBST PDF of Proceedings
23 1979 May 29- June 1 Boston, MA Henry I. Smith T.H. Philip Chang 15th SEIPBT
24 1980 May 12-16 St. Louis, MO Robert A. Bakish Robert A. Bakish 9th ICEIBST PDF of Proceedings
25 1981 May 26-29 Dallas, TX Gilbert L. Varnell Don R. Harriott,John H. Bruning 16th SEIPBT
26 1982 May 10-14 Montreal,Canada Robert A. Bakish Robert A. Bakish 10th ICEIBST PDF of Proceedings
27 1983 May 31-June 3 Los Angeles, CA Robert L. Seliger Mike Hatzakis 1983 ISEIPB
28 1984 May 29-June 1 Tarrytown, NY Michael Hatzakis John Kelly 1984 ISEIPB
29 1985 May 28-31 Portland, OR Lynwood W. Swanson John H. Bruning 29th ISEIPB
30 1986 May 27-30 Boston, MA Nicholas P. Economou Andrew R. Neureuther 30th ISEIPB
31 1987 May 26-29 Woodland Hills, CA John L. Bartelt Richard E. Howard 31st ISEIPB
32 1988 May 31-June 3 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Hans C. Pfeiffer Evelyn L. Hu 32nd ISEIPB
33 1989 May 30-June 2 Monterey, CA John C. Wiesner Alan D. Wilson 33rd ISEIPB
34 1990 May 29-June 1 San Antonio, TX Noel MacDonald Jon Orloff 34th ISEIPB
35 1991 May 28-31 Seattle, WA Daniel J. Ehrlich Jane M. Shaw 35th ISEIPB
36 1992 May 26-29 Orlando, FL Larry F. Thomson Randall L. Kubena 36th ISEIPB
37 1993 June 1-4 San Diego, CA Fritz Hohn Franco Cerrina 37th ISEIPB
38 1994 May 31-June 3 New Orleans, LA Harold Craighead Ilesanmi Adesida 38th ISEIPB
39 1995 May 30-June 2 Scottsdale, AZ John N. Randall Dieter P. Kern 39th ICEIPBTN
40 1996 May 28-31 Atlanta, GA Donald M. Tennant Stella W. Pang 40th ICEIPBTN
41 1997 May 27-30 Dana Point, CA Anthony Novembre Geraint Owen 41st ICEIPBTN
42 1998 May 26-29 Chicago, IL Alfred Wagner Christie R.K. Marrian 42nd ICEIPBTN
43 1999 June 1-4 Marco Island, FL Mark Gesley John C. Wolfe 43rd ICEIPBTN
44 2000 May 30-June 2 Rancho Mirage, CA Lloyd R. Harriott John Melngailis 44th ICEIPBTN
45 2001 May 29-June 1 Washington, DC Douglas J. Resnick Mark McCord 45th ICEIPBTN
46 2002 May 28-31 Anaheim, CA Raman G. Viswanathan Roderick R. Kunz 46th ICEIPBTN
47 2003 May 27-30 Tampa, FL Timothy R. Groves Mark L. Schattenburg 47th ICEIPBTN
48 2004 June 1-4 San Diego, CA W. Dan Meisburger Roxann L. Engelstad 48th ICEIPBTN
49 2005 May 31-June 3 Orlando, FL Kevin Cummings Martin Peckerar 49th ICEIPBTN
50 2006 May 30-June 2 Baltimore, MD Shane R. Palmer Shalom J. Wind 50th ICEIPBTN
51 2007 May 29-June 1 Denver, CO J Alexander Liddle Greg Wallraff 51st ICEIPBTN
52 2008 May 27 – 30 Portland, OR Steven Brueck Cindy Hanson 52nd ICEIPBTN
53 2009 May 26 – 29 Marco Island, FL Steven Chou Elizabeth Dobisz 53rd ICEIPBTN
54 2010 June 1-4 Anchorage, AK Frank Schellenberg Marty Feldman 54th ICEIPBTN
55 2011 May 31 – June 3 Las Vegas, NV Alan Brodie Richard Blaikie 55th ICEIPBTN
56 2012 May 29 – June 1 Waikaloa, HI Reginald C. Farrow Michael Fritze 56th ICEIPBTN
57 2013 May 28 – 31 Nashville, TN Leonidas E. Ocola Rebecca Cheung 57th ICEIPBTN
58 2014 May 27 – 30 Washington, DC Theodore H. Fedynyshyn Karl K. Berggren 58th ICEIPBTN
59 2015 May 26 – 39 San Diego, CA Todd Hastings Michael A. Guillorn 59th ICEIPBTN
60 2016 May 31 – June 3 Pittsburgh, PA John G. Hartley George Patrick Watson 60th ICEIPBTN
61 2017 May 30 – June 2 Orlando, FL Clifford L. Henderson Stefano Cabrini 61st ICEIPBTN